About me Born 1972 in Warsaw. Graduated from Cardinal Wyszynski University of Warsaw (history) and AGH University of Science and Technology (postgraduate business studies). Co-creator of the Warsaw Rising Museum, Head of History & Movies Dept., special projects manager (archaeology, air force). Curator and author (idea/project manager) of numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Producer of "City of Ruins" (VES nominee 2011, MUSE Award 2011), producer and co-author (concept, script) of "Warsaw Uprising"(Golden Reel Award) – first ever non-fiction war drama, submitted to the Academy Award. Polish producer of ''Poland-the Royal Tour''. Co-creator and the first director of the Money Museum of the National Bank of Poland (NBP Money Center). Producer and director of numerous promos and shorts. Member of the Polish Film Academy.

Sports: swimming, sailing, cross country skiing and shooting. Languages: Polish, English, Russian, Greek and Latin. Awarded with Golden Cross of Merit and GROM Special Forces Badge.



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Piotr C. Śliwowski

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